I have been teaching myself how to sculpt with clay. These are the sculptures I decided to keep.

I designed this one based off a dream I had some time ago. It was a dark building, and it was sort of lurking about. I want to revisit this idea again soon.
No real idea or inspiration behind this one. I sort of started sculpting one evening and it grew into this idea.
I experimented with the idea of creating armor from individual pieces and then putting it altogether. Took a couple of hours but the aesthetic made it worth it. I would like to visit this idea with the armor plating again.
I based this of the Gatherers from my horror gothic novel.
The three arms sprouting out of the mouth fired webs from the center of the palms, which they used to capture damned souls. A real life Gatherer would be about the size of a large truck.
I thought about making a centipede type of design but somehow it morphed into this. This is the sculpture that taught me that perhaps I should invest in wire frames to help with poses.

The scythe like limbs were difficult to keep propped long enough to dry. Plus I ran out of clay so I could not add some designs I wanted to. So I decided to let it dry as it was while waiting for my next delivery.

This is a sculpture based off a pair of Devils from my novella, the Languishing Bay. Their names are Rend and Sanguine. She is a living chainsaw, and he is a hulking figures.

I would like to revisit sculpting more statues of them. I want to experiment with more life like stances, and poses.

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